Enjoy All of the Benefits of a Microgaming Casino

If you want to experience all of the best when it comes to casino software, including excellent graphics and a fantastic foundation, then a Microgaming casino is right for you. This is one of the oldest companies in the online gambling industry, so they've had plenty of time to perfect their creations and bring you exactly what you want - even before you know you want it!

All Jackpots


The Early Years

It all got started back in 1994 when the company created its first program for use on the internet. Although it took a few more years for the concept of the internet to really grab hold and begin to flood into Canadian households, this provider was already years ahead of its time. They had several different classic titles on offer which included very basic renditions of things like blackjack and roulette, and it wasn't long until slots followed along with craps, baccarat, bingo, keno and other things that people see in their favorite land-based establishments worldwide.

Developing a Reputation

As time went on, other companies tried to step into the limelight to capitalize on the blossoming pastime that was online gambling. Of course, some of these initial attempts failed, but Microgaming kept going strong. They quickly discovered that as long as they could stay ahead of the curve, they would always have a loyal fan base. As more and more entrepreneurs began to open gambling establishments of their own, this company quickly became the provider of choice. Today, these offerings can be found in more than 200 different websites around the world and the company even provides the platform upon which the sites themselves are run.

Types of Titles and Claims to Fame

These days, there are many things for which this developer is known. They hold the world record for the largest progressive jackpots ever won, and this is due primarily to the sheer size of the network itself. Tens of millions have been paid out all at once to lucky winners, and it can be said with certainty that their lives were changed forever because of it. This developer is also known for providing the Gold Series of blackjack games in which more than a dozen different and somewhat unique variations can be found.

All Jackpots

One of the leading venues out there is the All Jackpots Microgaming Casino. Here, not only will you find everything that makes these offerings so desirable, but you'll also discover a host of other benefits. Things like outstanding bonuses, more than 500 titles on offer, some of the best customer service imaginable and a host of banking methods to suit Canadian gamblers make this one of the most virtually populated establishments out there.

Overall, if you want to enjoy one of the best error-free experiences in the entire online gambling industry, then All Jackpots Microgaming Casino is the perfect example. You'll see from the moment you enter the virtual doors just how different and exciting this establishment truly is.