The Appeal of Viper Software

Viper software is the new version of Microgaming that allows individuals an even more innovative and immersive experience than before. While the company has been producing top-notch gambling software since 1994, this is perhaps the greatest offering in its history.

What Is It?

Viper software is simply the name of the interface that the company provides, and it can be downloaded from any online venue that hosts this developer's products. There are more than 120 from which Canadians can choose, so this shouldn't be a difficult endeavor. It is the backbone of the venue and the very foundation upon which the lobby, cashier system, promotions page and even individual games are based.

The Benefits

Perhaps the best part about this offering is that it allows individuals to adjust settings to fit their own skill levels, and this is something that no other developer has yet been able to match. Another excellent prospect is that there are more than 300 games available and they all feature beautiful graphics, wonderful soundtracks and a number of options that individual users can customize to their liking. Finally, it runs quickly on just about any platform imaginable without any lag, reducing frustration and increasing enjoyment.

Download and Flash Versions

Viper software can be enjoyed in either a downloadable or a Flash version based upon the individual player's preferences. Of course, it should be noted that there are more titles available in the downloaded suites than there are in the Flash version of the venues. Similarly, users should note that the downloaded titles have more options that they can customize in terms of sound, speed and more. However, the instant play versions are available from anywhere there is an internet connection and can be enjoyed for fun or for real money.

Live Dealers

The LiveDealer system that this software affords is simply astonishing. Simply put, it allows those who choose to participate in certain events to interact with a live dealer via a video feed. While there are several developers who have introduced similar technologies, the new version of Microgaming certainly does it best. Users often report that there is never any lag or delay, even with slower broadband connections. However, it should be noted that titles featuring a live dealer are often not available in a free variation.