Microgaming Progressive Jackpots And Record-Breaking Prizes

Microgaming progressive jackpots have always been some of the most popular in the entire gambling industry. This might be because they were the very first to ever be introduced to the public, but it might also be because they are some of the largest ever created. No matter the reason, it isn't hard to understand how they work. Though the odds of winning are slim, the thrills are always there.

What Are They?

These are essentially prize pools that are linked together across a network. Think of it like a game of bingo. Everyone purchases a card and sits down to play. The funds that were collected from the purchase of those cards go into a prize pool so that the lucky winner has a shot to take home a fabulous prize. These pools work in much the same way, but they're virtual instead of physical. Every time someone places a wager on certain titles all over the world, a certain portion of that wager is added to the Microgaming progressive jackpots. This gives people something more than the traditional in-game prize to root for, and it can certainly change the lives of the lucky winners forever.

How to Find Them

Microgaming progressive jackpots are associated with several different types of games including slots, roulette and video poker. As far as the pokies are concerned, the largest prizes in history - and anywhere - have been awarded to those who choose King Cashalot, Major Millions, and Mega Moolah as their favorites. Each of these regularly pays out more than a million dollars and resets back to at least a couple hundred grand. This makes them incredibly popular, but that popularity lowers the odds. The more people there are spinning those reels, the lower the actual odds of winning become. These awesome winnings are also associated with things like Cyberstud Poker, SupaJax, Jackpot Deuces and evne Roulette Royale, as well.


Unfortunately, users can't just place a penny wager and hope that they nail a million dollar prize. With the pokies, they'll have to place the maximum wagers just to qualify and these are often in excess of $200. For the video poker options, users simply need to place a side wager each time they deal a new hand. Finally, with Roulette Royale, this wager is automatically taken from the individual each time he or she puts chips on the table. The ways in which the winner is calculated depends upon the outcome of random number generating software and not whether the individual actually wins his or her bet.

Though they are certainly huge in nature and hundreds of thousands of people around the world have tried their hand at winning them without success, these Microgaming progressive jackpots are just like the lottery. You can't win if you don't play! If you want to try them out, you can find more than 100 venues out there sporting this software platform.